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3 Essential Things To Consider When Planning A Christmas Holiday In Your New Caravan

Caravan holidays are a much-loved and enduring part of Australian culture. They're inexpensive and family friendly, and there are a wide range of caravan sites across the country to choose from. If you've bought a new caravan, then you may be looking forward to a relaxing caravan holiday with your family over the Christmas holidays. If this will be your first venture into the world of caravan parks, then here are three essentials to consider when booking your holiday caravan site.

1. Book early

Although Christmas may still seem a long time away, it's important to book your caravan site as early as possible. The Christmas period is often the busiest time of year for caravan parks, and if you leave it too long, you'll run the risk of being unable to secure a reservation.

Booking early also gives you a better chance to book a site that's in a great position. Not all sites within a caravan park are created equal, and a last-minute booking may result in a less desirable location that detracts from your holiday experience.

2. Pick an all-weather site

Almost all caravan parks provide a concrete slab to park your caravan on. If possible, choose a site that also provides a concrete area for your caravan's annexe. This means that if you experience rainy weather during your stay, your annexe floor won't become a muddy, flooded and uninhabitable space.

It's also important to book a powered site, even if your caravan has a solar power system installed. If the weather is wet or overcast, you may not get sufficient sunlight to get enough solar energy to power your caravan's electrical devices and appliances.

3. Local amenities

Before you head off on your holiday, make sure you find out what local amenities are available near to the caravan park you've chosen. Most caravan parks will have a small convenience store for essentials such as milk and bread but won't provide the full range of food and other items that you will need during your stay.

Depending on the location of your chosen destination, there may be a nearby supermarket and other stores where you can get your supplies. More remote locations may require you to bring most of what you need before you leave.

With some forward planning, your first holiday in your caravan should run smoothly. It will be the first of many memorable family holidays to come.

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