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3 Tactics To Get The Most Value From Motel Accommodation

Hotels, homestays, resorts, and motels—there are plenty of options are available to business and leisure travellers these days. So you travel frequently and are looking for ways to get the most value from motel accommodation? Whether you travel for business or pleasure, there's nothing quite like getting a good bargain, especially if you are footing the bill on your own. These tactics are designed to help you do just that.

Don't Be Afraid to Ask for a Room Upgrade

While most motel rooms are usually standard, there will likely be a few rooms that are better than others. You won't get these rooms unless you specifically ask for them. If the room is vacant and no new guests are expected to check in, you may be lucky enough to land the upgrade. Remember to be as courteous as possible if you really want to score that upgrade, as the management is unlikely to offer a complimentary service to a rude guest.

Scour for a Discount on Motel Amenities

Many motels don't offer complimentary amenities like free Wi-Fi, free breakfast, happy hours and free movies. If you intend to stay in the motel for a while, the costs can really add up. You may not get a discount on all freebies, but you may be lucky enough to get discounts on a few. If the motel has a pool or spa, you may want to use them as a complimentary service if possible. You can even ask for later check out times as a way to enjoy all the motel has to offer for as long as possible. Since many of these amenities are not available in your home, you should find a way to enjoy them at a discount or without cost in the motel.

Negotiate to Get Free Breakfast

Motels don't always offer free breakfast to go with the room, but it is a meal that is an important part of your day. Breakfast prices could set you back several dollars every day, which may amount to hundreds by the end of your trip. A good way to maximise value from your motel accommodation is to negotiate for free breakfast for the duration of your stay. At the very least, you may get some toast, butter, and coffee, which should tide you over until lunch.

Travel can be expensive, especially when you also have to factor in accommodation costs in addition to air ticket expenses. Follow these tactics to help you get the most value from motel accommodations.

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