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How To Choose A Hotel

Choosing a hotel should not be a taxing task. However, most people will overlook some vital considerations that can significantly affect their comfort at the hotel. Read this excerpt for a few tips on how to choose a hotel

Review Their Listing

Most people will make their hotel bookings over the internet. As such, conduct some internet research to ascertain the hotel's reputation and services. Use reputable social media sites, travel blogs and other online listings to review the hotel. You would be interested in the following:

  • Did other customers leave a positive review about the hotel? If they did, you are likely to enjoy the services provided.
  • How does the hotel look? Compare pictures uploaded by internet users against those used on the hotel's website. 
  • Does the business respond to customer inquiries? Reputable businesses will respond to positive and negative comments on their social media pages.
  • Check the business website and social media pages to know their terms and conditions. For instance, they may restrict pets and parties. 

Look Out For Extra Services

Some hotels will offer extra services to increase the comfort of their guests. For example, they may provide complimentary snacks, free Wi-Fi and cable TV. Others may have a child care centre or gaming room to keep your kids busy. Newlyweds or couples celebrating a special day may find roses in their rooms. A business person may want a hotel with a small conference room. On the other hand, party people will be looking for a swimming pool or sports bar. The hotel must have adequate parking. If you are travelling by air, ask whether they have airport transfer services.

Check The Location

If the hotel is located in the CBD, survey the area to know whether it is prone to traffic jams and crime. If it is away from town, check whether it has a well-paved access road. Besides, examine the location of basic amenities such as petrol stations, banks, restaurants and malls.

Compare Prices

Expect to pay a little more if the hotel has an excellent reputation and state-of-the-art services. Nevertheless, there are a few ways to secure discounts. For example, you could book during the weekday or low season when there is a low demand for hotel rooms. Alternatively, you could take advantage of referral or reward programs. 

When choosing a hotel, review their listing, look out for extra services and examine the location and pricing strategy. 

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